The eldest of three brothers, Elijah Will was raised in rural Nova Scotia. His may be a new name to those outside of Atlantic Canada but, at 23, he’s been honing his craft longer than most recent arrivals to the global stage. The path by which he has gotten here is as individual as his voice.

Following an impulse purchase of a microphone at a dollar store, he and his brothers were soon making their own music. Elijah would reach out to producers and DJs online, receiving whatever free beats, loops, or stems were on offer and would afterward create his own combinations.

When still in his teens, Elijah enrolled in Grammy-winner Gordie Sampson’s songwriting camp in Cape Breton. While there, he co-wrote with Kyle Mischiek and Carleton Stone a track titled “All The Time In The World”. Sampson’s manager shared the song with brothers Mike and Luke Boyd (Classified), who connected with the young artist, going on to exchange ideas and collaborate. Elijah would sing on Class’s 2015 track “Beautiful Escape” and, that same year, Mike Boyd’s “Street Lights”.

Elijah’s personal connection to his audience is a vital component to being, as he puts it, “an open book” in expressing the universal emotions we all feel. While he draws on personal experience, Elijah resists the temptation to be overly literal or linear in his storytelling, leaving room for the listener to bring their own interpretations to the music.

After four years of working with Classified and the Half Life Records team, Elijah Will has the experience, confidence, and backing of a strong musical family to now step out with music under his own banner. “Keep an open mind and be true to yourself,” he says, departing on a worldwide adventure.